Business Litigation

Business Lawsuits take on many forms. Sometimes they are just a basic breach of a contract or they might be a business divorce where one party is trying to cease doing business with a partner or with another shareholder. Regardless of the nature of the business dispute, we work with clients on all types of business matters. This includes enforcing (or resisting) non-compete agreements, protecting your trademark, prosecuting and defending against SBA loan enforcement, protecting the customer list or trade secrets of a client.

Depending on the circumstances, we may advise you to be the first to the courthouse and file your lawsuit before anyone else can assume the role of plaintiff. Very often, we proceed with a temporary restraining order and then a temporary injunction to stop the other side from engaging in activities that are harmful to you or the business.

Sometimes this type of litigation is seeking a declaration from the Court as to the rights, duties or obligations of the parties. This type of lawsuit is commonly referred to as a declaratory judgment action. In those types of cases, the relationship between the parties has grown uncertain and the court is needed to re-establish what the respective rights, duties and obligations are among the parties.

Business litigation takes many forms. Sometimes they are simple Collections suits. But those collections matters often become fraudulent transfer lawsuits.  Other cases require a temporary restraining order. There are many tools available to us to solve the problem.

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